Build 53

Changelist for build 53 of Grid12:

  • Coin Indicator no longer updates until poof hits
  • Replaced buttons in various dialogues with new, shinier buttons.
  • Make Convoys travel town-to-town
  • Added a new Convoy: Flux Barge.
  • Adjusted speeds of older convoys
  • Adjusted Convoy drop tables.
  • Moved Crystals to be behind Long-Term Storage when it is open.

Build 52

Changelist for build 52 of Grid12:

  • Add indication of current augment/storage level on the use button
  • Give new colors to protomod, storagespace and tankunlock items
  • Change victory region count to 10
  • Add liquidate button to inventory menu
  • Add buy offers

Build 51

Changelist for build 51 of Grid12:

  • Add coins
  • Reduce Spectre's Rotational Overcharge rate of fire bonus from 300% to 100%
  • Subtract 12 hours from short term storage time remaining at death
  • Show max prism level and count on folded up prism display
  • Add six new augment item types
  • Eliminate protomod drops
  • Add new triggers for Valkyrie: Quasonic Fire, Petacharge Reservoir, Ionic Flame Ejection, Stasis Web

Build 49

Changelist for build 49 of Grid12:

  • Buff Valkyrie, Spectre, Hurricane; nerf Fury, Wildfire, Avenger
  • Have convoys properly recover from immobilization
  • Support multimember convoys
  • Add flanker and more tankers to antimatter convoy
  • Add baryon transport convoy
  • Start and end convoys a little bit off the map
  • Don't start a convoy immediately on game start
  • Fix bug where the presence of multiple players could lead to multiple loot drops
  • Improve server performance a little
  • Cap Corsair gamma blast to 1500 hp of damage
  • Fix "can't log in bug" which happened on 1 in 16 accounts
  • Eliminate the pause to paint enemy icons on zoom out
  • Implement long-term storage of items (2 slots per account)
  • Allow protomods to be "used" to create a fireworks display
  • Make z and ESC teleport you to Origin, not the closest town
  • Have GCTs toss a bomb every 3 seconds at the closest player
  • Upgrade GCT minion bombs
  • Make enemy AoE explosions match the actual explosion radius (GCT, Watchtower)
The buffs and nerfs are detailed here.

Build 48

Changelist for build 48 of Grid12:

  • Save items (eg. protomodules) in the database for up to 24 hours
  • Add per-item popup menu with delete option
  • Make each level of protomodule twice as rare as the level below it
  • Reduce small fort protomod drop rate to 25%
  • Add enemy convoy: antimatter tanker
  • Revamp prism indicator
  • Try some different colors for trigger buttons
  • Lengthen chat fadeout time to 12.5 seconds
  • Fix bug where new enemy icons were not displayed until after a zoom
  • Fix bug where clicking an affordable but unpurchased tank outside of a town seemed to buy the tank
  • Fix typos in Phantom and Hornet trigger tooltips
  • Fix tank rendering in the tank menu
  • Spawn up to four supertanks at each cross building

Build 47

Changelist for build 47 of Grid12:

  • Improve resource (texture, memory) reclamation, especially at death
  • Improve framerate by putting all lasers in a single nd2d cloud
  • Add first type of item: protomodules
  • Start on short-term item storage (no actual saving, just display)
  • Add glassy background to chatbox & text input box
  • Fade out chatbox after a period of idleness (pgdn to show it again)
  • Make tank stop on menu open (we may undo this eventually)
  • Revamp trigger UI to match item/protomodule UI style

Build 46

Changelist for build 46 of Grid12:

  • Use batches to speed up vehicle drawing
  • Don't draw enemy icons of far-away regions
  • Use static per-region enemy icon textures when zoomed way out
  • Don't draw the world when zoomed way out
  • Have Drill Station drop only one big prism
  • Buff Predator's main gun damage and shields
  • Nerf Avenger main turret overdrive (rotation rate and cooldown)
  • Buff Phantom damage and shields
  • Remove "external poofs" when others pick up prisms

Build 45

Changelist for build 45 of Grid12:

  • Fix some broken disarm visuals
  • Fix bug where some augments were not working when newly purchased
  • Add new stats widget that shows Stage3d draw calls and triangles
  • Batch ground panes into shared textures