A Chronicle of Misdeeds: A Summary

My new project is A Chronicle of Misdeeds. I'm working on it with the original Realm of the Mad God Team! We announced the game in November, and I did a little AMA on it then. Here's a quick list of what we've announced so far:

  • It's a massively multiplayer game.
  • It's 3D.
  • The platform is PCs (and maybe Macs), not browser.
  • Distribution is through Steam.
  • The client is built in Unity.
  • There are many playable classes, with more being released over time.
  • There is permadeath. Probably. We think. Almost certainly. Yeah.
  • Combat is crazy and chaotic but it isn't pew-pew style bullet hell.
  • Camera is top-down.
  • The art style is faceted lowpoly.
  • It is free to play.
  • It is not a RotMG clone, or RotMG sequel. It's a completely new thing.

Check out the FAQ for additional info.