Build 42

Changelist for build 42 of Grid12:

  • Add health bars (enable/disable them with 'J')
  • Add Fury triggers: Micronova, Differential Grav Mine, Chronoton Hyperboost, Mass-Energy Transform
  • Add Wildfire triggers: Mass Projection, Positive Target Lock, Dimensional Shift, Plasma Injection
  • Fix bug giving Wildfire infinite lightning targets
  • Add more info to region tooltips including personal stats
  • Fix bug that was causing hangs in login/register screen
  • Preserve HP & cooldowns, and deplete shields, on tank change
  • Restrict /leave and /tutorial to tutorial and overworld respectively
  • Fix turret spin bug, I hope
  • Require that all /choosename names be alphanumeric
  • Add cooldown on /choosename
  • Add /help command
  • Update title screen to reflect closed alpha status