Build 48

Changelist for build 48 of Grid12:

  • Save items (eg. protomodules) in the database for up to 24 hours
  • Add per-item popup menu with delete option
  • Make each level of protomodule twice as rare as the level below it
  • Reduce small fort protomod drop rate to 25%
  • Add enemy convoy: antimatter tanker
  • Revamp prism indicator
  • Try some different colors for trigger buttons
  • Lengthen chat fadeout time to 12.5 seconds
  • Fix bug where new enemy icons were not displayed until after a zoom
  • Fix bug where clicking an affordable but unpurchased tank outside of a town seemed to buy the tank
  • Fix typos in Phantom and Hornet trigger tooltips
  • Fix tank rendering in the tank menu
  • Spawn up to four supertanks at each cross building