Build 49

Changelist for build 49 of Grid12:

  • Buff Valkyrie, Spectre, Hurricane; nerf Fury, Wildfire, Avenger
  • Have convoys properly recover from immobilization
  • Support multimember convoys
  • Add flanker and more tankers to antimatter convoy
  • Add baryon transport convoy
  • Start and end convoys a little bit off the map
  • Don't start a convoy immediately on game start
  • Fix bug where the presence of multiple players could lead to multiple loot drops
  • Improve server performance a little
  • Cap Corsair gamma blast to 1500 hp of damage
  • Fix "can't log in bug" which happened on 1 in 16 accounts
  • Eliminate the pause to paint enemy icons on zoom out
  • Implement long-term storage of items (2 slots per account)
  • Allow protomods to be "used" to create a fireworks display
  • Make z and ESC teleport you to Origin, not the closest town
  • Have GCTs toss a bomb every 3 seconds at the closest player
  • Upgrade GCT minion bombs
  • Make enemy AoE explosions match the actual explosion radius (GCT, Watchtower)
The buffs and nerfs are detailed here.