Top Secret


USCYBERCOM Grid12 Tank Pilot Orientation

Grid12 is a metaplane of astounding power, a realm of pure physics discovered by government scientists in the 1960s. Grid12’s energy was found to be tremendous, but none of the world’s finest scientific minds could come up with a way to control it. After decades of top-secret research, the government admitted defeat, wiping all records of Grid12’s discovery and putting it into deep lockdown, keeping it in escrow for future generations. Security was tight, and secrecy even tighter; were Grid12 to fall into the wrong hands, the resulting metablast could destroy the universe.

Years later, a megalomaniacal cybercriminal calling himself Doctor Ultrageddon has penetrated Grid12 and almost completely taken it over. Were he to secure the entire grid he could use it as a doomsday device to hold the world for ransom. In response to this threat, the US Cyber Command has commissioned an elite cadre of cybertank warriors to jack into the grid and do battle with Doctor Ultrageddon and his minions.

The world has never known a dictator, a tyrant, an armed strongman as dangerous as Doctor Ultrageddon. His genius is unprecedented in world history. He’s more resourceful, ruthless and cruel than any enemy the world has ever faced, and the consequences of mission failure are too dire to contemplate. The only hope we have, the only force that can possibly stop him, is you.

America and the entire world are counting on you -- make us proud!