Squadron HQs

Over the last two builds we've added a couple of cool new squadron features: the speedrun and squadron HQs. The speedrun lets up to five members of squadron cooperate to clear a dungeon in the shortest amount of time. The top ten times are listed in the leaderboards. Eventually we'd like to have a new speedrun map each week and give prizes.

Squadron HQs debuted in yesterday's build 105. Each squadron has an HQ, which is initially a 3x3 grid of tiles. But squads can expand their HQ by putting down new tiles.

A squadron can get new tiles when a member uses an HQ Tile item. These items drop from certain fortresses but they can also be crafted from a level 2 Omnium. All the new tiles look the same at the moment, but we plan to add support for new colors and shapes eventually. Next build we plan to allow squadrons to remove and reposition tiles. We'd also like to give out special tiles as a reward for winning the speedrun.

Build 102

Changelist for build 102 of Grid12:

  • Create new dungeon infrastructure with limited driving surface
  • Replace tutorial walls with limited tiles
  • Add "/testdungeon" command to test new dungeon stuff

Build 101

Changelist for build 101 of Grid12:

  • Let Hornet lightning hit up to 5 enemies
  • Reconfigure Mustang shields
  • Change Mustang double shotgun from 200 to 300 damage
  • Change Mustang flank lasers from 10 to 12 damage
  • Change Valkyrie lasers from 14 to 13 damage
  • Change Fury gun damage from 14 to 15
  • Change Paladin DPS from 30 to 36 per gun
  • Change Cutlass central gun damage from 60 to 70
  • Change Kraken anti-minion gun damage from 30 to 35
  • Change Kraken anti-everything gun damage from 60 to 65
  • Change Vindicator gun damage from 15 to 20
  • Change all small fortress hp to 450 (from 300-400 before)
  • Change Wolverine shield refill trigger cooldown to 15 from 20
  • Change Thunderbolt overdrive duration to 3 from 5
  • Change Mustang turret rotation speeds to 1200 from 900
  • Change Hercules turret rotation speed to 1800 from 900
  • Buff shield thickness and/or delay on Mustang, Avenger, Hurricane, Hercules, Spectre, Paladin, Vindicator, Wolverine, Cutlass
  • Change Thunderbolt shield recharge rate to 300 and 200 from 750 and 500
  • Add Fatality-class Oppression Center (medium round fort)
  • Fix bug when dragging control knob into center circle

Build 99

Changelist for build 99 of Grid12:

  • Show squadron tags on players
  • Show squadron tags and names in stats page
  • Display name and hp of moused-over enemies
  • Rewrite pane system
  • Fix bug where some armada boss kills weren't credited

Build 97

Changelist for build 97 of Grid12:

  • Fix ugly tank pictures in stats menu
  • Show description for items being crafted
  • Draw region icons in the shapes of the panes
  • Randomize region buffs
  • Make potion bonuses line wrap nicely
  • Remove tooltips for vehicles and buildings
  • Show duration on trigger buttons
  • Reduce cooldown bonuses on power cells
  • Separate trigger duration and cooldown

Build 96

Changelist for build 96 of Grid12:

  • Rework the Vindicator
  • Automeld newly crafted items if automeld is on
  • Add info on material deposits to region tooltips
  • Set all powercell/module bonuses to use multipliers greater than 1
  • Fix bug that boosted trigger recharge on tank switch
  • Kill off cloak and heal-over-time effects when switching tanks
  • Add decorative shards when big enemies die (>5khp)
  • Redo coin indicator text formatting

Build 95

Changelist for build 95 of Grid12:

  • Add power cell items and recipes
  • Reduce common material requirement to level 5 in module recipes
  • Sort crafting menu by item type
  • Add information pane to crafting menu
  • Add anti-homing-missile gun to Hurricane
  • Reduce Thunderbolt laser module bonus to 1.05
  • Slide player icons around

Build 94

Changelist for build 94 of Grid12:

  • Remove crystal splinters and power crystals
  • Remove some outdated /help info
  • Remove total fortress kills leaderboard
  • Lower minimum item price to .00001 coins
  • Restrict prices to maximum 3 significant digits
  • Replace all module recipes with simpler versions
  • Remove recipes for housings, generators, regulators
  • Rename cosmolyte to masstek
  • Rename metacrux to betadyne
  • Add new icons for uncommon and elite materials
  • Sort items more logically in inventory and store screen